Home is where the bread is: Lille Bakery

Home is where the bread is: Lille Bakery

For all the talk about comfort food, not much has been said about the places which make any sort of food more comfortable. Case in point: it's been a while since we did a pop-up weekend at the wonderful Lille Bakery, a feast for the eyes and the belly located in Copenhagen and owned by friends which became our favorite little corner in the city. It feels like it's been a while because we still miss it.

Now only did we get the opportunity to try the wonderful sourdough bread and pastries, we were also lucky enough to meet a few of the regulars and move some shirts. It was the perfect setting for a weekend well spent.

Fortunately for us, being friends with the folks at Lillebakery was also a chance to get to know Jasmin Göttling, a talented photographer from Hamburg who really found the essential qualities in this place: great people, tasteful design, and a sense of warmth in space. None of these things come in the recipe, but it's one of the reasons why everything there tastes so good and close to home.

Refshalevej 213A, 1432 København, Denmark

Text: Vasco Mendonça
Photos: Jasmin Göttling