SEMEAR: sustainable agriculture for social inclusion

SEMEAR: sustainable agriculture for social inclusion

Our mission is always finding honesty in everything we do. Organic materials sourced from certified suppliers with fair working conditions. A supply chain that obeys the higher standards to ensure well being of all that take part of the process. And the best modern day essentials we have ever worn for the best price we have ever seen.

Although it’s a good start, it’s not enough. We want to do more. We want to be part of a movement. A movement that gathers artists, designers, chefs, creatives and companies that are changing their industries and creating memorable opportunities.

A perfect example is SEMEAR (, a non-profit program for disabled people that prevails social inclusion above all.
Promoted and established by BIIP (Banco de Informação de Pais para Pais), SEMEAR na terra aims to integrate and develop their social and professional skills through a sustainable agricultural production.
With the same respect for the field as they  have for the society, the 12 hectare program holds more than 20 people between 18 and 45 years old with DID (dificuldade intelectual e do desenvolvimento) working full-time on the process, from resource optimization, to production and commercialization.
Just like us, make yourselves a favor: support local and fair production where everything is done with absolute respect and dignity for the whole supply chain.

P.S. - already more than 36 persons with DID were formed and trained to integrate professional experiences, while more than 30 families are still being carefully followed and helped.
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Photos: Pedro Gaspar