Our Shirting Expert - or God

DOCAS Confecções

Vizela - BRAGA
Employees: 40
Established: 1981
Capacity: 10.000 units/month

If our memory does not fail, Sr. Domingos Castro was the fifth sewing factory we've visited in 2 months while looking for partners to cut and sew our Shirts. It was we-want-to-work-with-you-at-first-sight and, after almost three years in the making, we couldn't be more proud. His ability to help, experience and know-how in all kinds of Shirts, make him the perfect partner to look into every detail. Besides that, DOCAS (DOmingos CAStro Confecções) has something crucial for brands like ISTO.; it is 100% focused in Shirts, sparing no time on any other item. Focus and luxury quality is the key. We cut and sew all our Shirts (Women, Men, Oxfords, Linen, Flannels, you name it).