The T-Shirt Factory

JUNIUS Têxteis

Barcelos - BRAGA
Employees: 108
Established: 2014
Capacity: 600.000 units/month

We went on a trip up North to visit 10 factories already expecting to find a world of adventures. We knew we wanted to start small with a first production batch of 600 Organic Cotton t-shirts, in 2 colors. Seemed easy, but out of those 10, 8 suppliers had no interest in us, saying they couldn't accommodate such a small production. We understood, they were focused in the big fish. Fortunately for us, JUNIUS, part of VELERIUS Group, told us: "we never say no to Clients". And here we are, with great effort from every stakeholder, producing around 13.000 T-Shirts per year, and with the ambition to sustainably grow together. JUNIUS cuts and sews all our Classic T-Shirts for Men, all Women's T-Shirts and the Breton.