Knitting the Future

NGS Malhas

Barcelos - BRAGA
Employees: 25
Established: 1999
Capacity: 150 Ton/month

Located in Barcelos, right in the epicenter of Textile leaders, Nuno's Factory is a stone’s throw away from where we make the softest Jersey money can buy. We know Portugal is known for having the best jersey suppliers in the World but we've decided to work with this family-owned facility because of their focus in: top-notch yarns from committed suppliers; high-tech machinery for circular knitting; exquisite dyeings and high-end finishings; extraordinary craftsmanship. We feel at home there. And that, money can't buy. 
NGS produces all our Jersey for T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. Certifications include GOTS, GRS. OEKO-TEX, SUPIMA, GOTEX, BCI.