Pursuing the title of the "Greenest Group" in Fashion


Trofa - PORTO
Employees: 54
Established: 1993
Capacity: 220.000 units/week

When we met Joaquim Moreira we knew exactly it was the place to be. Tetribérica has a strong involvement in sustainability. It is deeply rooted in their existence. Their long-term strategy includes a “circular economy” approach in order to create a truly sustainable fashion industry that is good for people and the planet. Their vision is therefore to use their capacity to lead the change towards circular and renewable fashion while being a fair and “green” group. This vision applies to all Tetribérica companies, all of which share the same passion to serve their customers in a sustainable way. Currently, Tetribérica produces our Classic & Heavyweight Sweatshirts and Recycled Cotton T-Shirts.