The wonderful feeling of escape: Pensão Agrícola

The wonderful feeling of escape: Pensão Agrícola

It's interesting that one of the best publications out there - The California Sunday Magazine - dedicated an entire issue to the theme of escape. Maybe it has somethint to do with our modern way of living, maybe it's always been like this. It feels urgent these days. 

Whatever the cause, the magazine does a great job at telling the stories of people from different walks of life that, at some point in their daily grind or personal story, needed an escape. You should go and read it. It will leave you with an urge to escape (even more?), and, depending on how dramatic it is, you might just find yourself en route to one of the many places in Portugal that allow you to feel the mundane but simultaneous outer-worldly feeling of escape.

Pensão Agrícola is just one of those places. We spent a few days there some time ago and it felt like the perfect escape.

Aesthetically, it feels like traditional inland south with just enough sophistication to feel old, new and somehow different from most place places in the Algarve region. It feels, in a word, like a proper escape. Reinvented by a couple from Lisbon who wanted to find peace down south, the place combines architecture, design, local food and nature in a wholesome way.

Even the work jackets wanted to stay longer.