For us, independence means quite simply we get to live free from industry constraints or an investor’s mindset but, most importantly, free from the frantic demands set by the high fashion agenda. We aim for people that know what they want and how they want it, regardless of whatever trend comes. This makes all the difference in the world. We decide who we work with, how we collaborate, what the brand looks like, and what products we put forth. The only one that gets to influence those decisions is you.


ISTO. does not rely on seasonal collections. We care for everyday clothes that fit our everyday needs. That's why we have one single collection and try to make it permanently available. We look for fashion staples that could be better and work on those until we feel they are done perfectly. Quality over quantity. Each new launch is carefully planned to address the real needs of men and women looking for the best everyday essentials. The end result is a growing collection of organic and natural materials that is made to look amazing, fit perfectly and last longer, for both men and women.


Cotton clear transparency. When you choose ISTO., what you see is exactly what you get. That means you have a clear understanding of everything that went into making our clothes. First, we only work with factories that can be held to the higher standards in social responsibility and work policies. Second, you get to see exactly how much we paid for each and every component from materials to production.


We are a new company so we had very little opportunity to ruin this planet through our company practices, but we intend to do the least harm possible. All our suppliers have GOTS Certification, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s a big deal for factories, for clothing brands and for consumers. In short, it’s a big deal for the planet.