Extra-Fine Merino Wool

Knitted from 100% Extra-Fine Merino Wool, this ultra-soft 16 gauge sweater is crafted from a luxury 18 thread Italian yarn. Carefully knitted by a rare Bentley machine, the sweater has a classic crewneck to make it perfect for almost any occasion. Created to be worn all year long and made to last longer.

Perfect Design

Our mission is to always create luxury, timeless yet permanent staples that can be a little better - and we work on those until we feel they are done perfectly. In this case, after almost 8 months of sourcing and prototyping, the end result is a luxury, super-fine merino wool sweater, both for women and men.

Transparently Made in Portugal

Certified suppliers and factories provide the most luxurious textiles.
We just perfect the mould and make it available at an affordable price point.