João Rodrigues

João Rodrigues

While Portugal's original features remain mostly intact, a lot has been brewing over the past couple of decades - in the people, places, its cultural and physical manifestations.



There's this exciting sense of newness that places Lisbon at the forefront of a cross-generational multi-ethnical change, which might best be encapsulated as modern tradition. João Rodrigues, executive chef at Feitoria and one of the owners at Gastrobar, is a perfect example of why Portugal's food scene matters so much right now. 



But it's more than just a leap into modernity. Quite the contrary, in fact. João and a bunch of other chefs have been able to inject new technique and knowledge into ingredients that you will be able to find in most kitchens in Portugal.



Everything is done with the utmost respect: for the ingredients and for the people behind them, many of which João has dedicated his time getting to know better through Projecto Matéria, a portuguese food encyclopedia for the modern age. 

Words: Vasco Mendonça 
Photos: Pedro Gaspar